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Treat me like this..

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

•First and foremost do not open the boxes before the open date mentioned on the box.

•Do not place the boxes on cold floor (e.g., Marble)

•Please note due to cold & less humid climate in the month of Feb/March the fruit (Ratnagiri Hapus) may require 9-10days to ripe naturally...

•As generally in the month of May it takes normally 4-5days due to High temperature and humidity...

•Please don't open and remove the fruits from the box before you can see the natural change in color..

•Do not place the boxes in sunlight rather store the box in dry place and under roof.

•Do not apply any artificial rippners on the fruit..

•Once the fruit is ripped remove the fruit from the box and keep it in natural air by arranging them on newspaper and try to have them on the next day.

(Reason- The fruit may taste a bit bitter due to heat inside it)

•Keep the ripped fruit in normal water 1-2hours before you have them

•As it's an perishable good their are no return, refund or replacements available once booked

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kirti kanther
kirti kanther
Apr 19, 2021

please confirm its organic

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